Baths and treatments in the Soft Pack tub

This is a modern alternative to the bath in a water tub. The Soft Pack tub is a soft water mattress with a heat blanket and cloths, which are immersed in the chosen pack. The slow movement of the mattress and the heat of the blanket improve relaxation and the take-up of the active agents in the cloths. The body floats even without being in contact with water. Hence, there are no pressure points like we have them via the bladebones and the bottom on the massage bed or in a classic water tub. The vertebral spine takes on its natural shape and the body enjoys a position of maximum relaxation.

Beauty cream - Soft Pack System

Beauty bath. The cream contains ingredients like evening primrose oil, almond oil and other ingredients to provide the skin with softness and splendour. Ideal for dry and malnourished skin.
ca. 25 min. 37.00 €

Evening primrose oil - Soft Pack System

Especially effective beauty bath; it regulates metabolism, nourishes and softens the skin, increases and stimulates blood circulation.
ca. 25 min. 37.00 €

Fossil oil - Soft Pack System

Fossil oil (schist) baths improve blood circulation and are ideal for joint pains, muscle tensions and skin inflammations. A true power of nature.
ca. 25 min. 37.00 €

Hay - Soft Pack System

The hay bath facilitates the opening up of the pores and thereby improves the effects of active agents. It stimulates the connective tissue and the vegetative nervous system, it purifies and detoxifies. The hay bath stimulates circulation and helps in case of rheumatism, gout, sciatica, muscle tensions and concentrations, spinal disc hernia and neuralgia.
ca. 25 min. 37.00 €

Algae - Soft Pack System

Seaweeds stimulate blood circulation and improve the development of cells. Furthermore, they eliminate the metabolic waste of the body. Also ideal in fighting cellulitis.
ca. 25 min. 37.00 €

Mountain pine - Soft Pack System

The oil extracts of the needles of mountain pine purify and revitalise and provide the body with new energies. Furthermore, they stimulate circulation, strengthen the immune system and have an anti-rheumatic effect, and purify and revitalise the entire organism. This bath is ideal for regaining strength and energy after hiking in the mountains or after skiing.
ca. 25 min. 37.00 €

Arnica - Soft Pack System

The treatment with arnica extracts is reinvigorating, strengthening and decontracting. For a long time it has been used to treat bruises caused by impacts or distortions. The treatment is recommended after a day of physical activities.
ca. 25 min. 37.00 €

Juniper - Soft Pack System

The juniper bath is ideal for relaxing muscles and joints. Furthermore, it has a draining effect, it stimulates cutaneous circulation, has an anti-rheumatic effect and is ideal for fighting gout. It is ideal whenever the body feels heavy and tired.
ca. 25 min. 37.00 €


A peeling serves to remove excessive skin cells from either a part of the body - like the face or stomach - or from the entire body. A peeling makes the skin elastic and provides profound purification. Creams and lotions applied after the treatment penetrate more easily. A full-body peeling stimulates metabolism and helps to fight cellulitis.
with Dead Sea Salts ca. 25 min. 34.00 €
Peeling with papaya ca. 25 min. 34.00 €
Peeling with milk of roses ca. 25 min. 37.00 €
Peeling with fruit ca. 25 min. 37.00 €

Solarium (bed)

ca. 12 min. 16.00 €

Infrared (cabin)

ca. 25 min. 1 person 9.00 €
2 persons 16.00 €

2014highly recommended

nr. Adults