Baths and treatments in the Soft Pack tub

This is a modern alternative to the bath in a water tub. The Soft Pack tub is a soft water mattress with a heat blanket and cloths, which are immersed in the chosen pack. The slow movement of the mattress and the heat of the blanket improve relaxation and the take-up of the active agents in the cloths. The body floats even without being in contact with water. Hence, there are no pressure points like we have them via the bladebones and the bottom on the massage bed or in a classic water tub. The vertebral spine takes on its natural shape and the body enjoys a position of maximum relaxation.

Traditional South Tyrolean hay bath - Soft Pack System

The large quality of herbs and flowers that are in the hay from our mountains, promotes blood circulation, stimulates metabolism, relaxes and reinforce the immune system
ca. 25 min.  

Arnica - Soft Pack System

The effect of the mountain-arnica-bath is relaxation and de-contraction of the muscles and it is mostly based on the fact, that the heated skin is more prone to absorb the properties of the plant.

ca. 25 min.  

Anti-cellulitis-pack - Soft Pack System

Thanks to the algae, this pack is ideal against water retention, cellulite , stretch marks, and weight lose.

ca. 25 min.  

Intensive hydrating bath - Soft Pack System

The precious “evening primrose oil” has long been a secret antidote for dry and dehydrated skin, it gives a soft and velvety skin.

ca. 25 min.  





A peeling serves to remove excessive skin cells from either a part of the body - like the face or stomach - or from the entire body. A peeling makes the skin elastic and provides profound purification. Creams and lotions applied after the treatment penetrate more easily. A full-body peeling stimulates metabolism and helps to fight cellulitis.
with Dead Sea Salts ca. 25 min. 36.00 €
Peeling with alpine hay ca. 25 min. 36.00 €


Solarium (bed)

ca. 12 min. 16.00 €


Infrared (cabin)

ca. 25 min. 1 person 9.00 €
2 persons 16.00 €

2014highly recommended

nr. Adults