Wellness in Corvara at its best: Our massages

Onze massages en schoonheidsbehandelingen worden uitgevoerd door vakkundig personeel, in een ontspannende omgeving, in ons wellness centrum waar rust en vriendelijkheid hoog in het vaandel staan.

Relaxmassage with alpine herbsoil

A delicate and relaxing massage enhanced by the synergy of essential herbs, which stimulate the nervous system through the olfactory senses and skin penetration.
ca. 25 min.  € 35,00  
ca. 50 min.  € 57,00  
ca. 80 min.  € 83,00  

Lymphatic drainage massage

This massage stimulates lymph flow effectively. It detoxifies and decongests, strengthens the immune system and has a long-lasting, relaxing effect on the autonomic nervous system.
ca. 50 min.  € 58,00  
ca. 80 min.  € 82,00  

Specific back massage

Trought the stimulation of specific points of your back and neck, you start toning and regenerate your back with a deep tissue massage.
ca. 25 min.  € 37,00  
ca. 50 min.  € 59,00  


Through specific manual skills and postures, this massage acts on the nervous and musculature system, improving the sports performance and releasing the lactic acid.
ca. 25 min.  € 38,00  
ca. 50 min.  € 63,00  


Massage with warm oils, which stimulates the nervous circulation and favors a psychosomatic well-being.
ca. 50 min.  € 59,00  
ca. 80 min.  € 85,00  

Hot stone

Massage with hot lava stones relaxes muscules and give an indescribable feeling of lightness and well-being.
ca. 80 min.  € 87,00  

Honeymassage with South Tyrolean honey

The nectar collected by bees is massaged deeply into connective tissue and stimulates the entire organism through the back and reflex, zones. The massage stimulates metabolism and circulation, detoxifies and strengthens the immune system.
ca. 50 min.  € 62,00  

Ayurvedic massage Abhyanga

Abhyanga is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic oil massage therapy for healing and detoxifying body, mind and spirit.
ca. 50 min.  € 65,00  
ca. 80 min.  € 87,00  

Foot reflexology

By stimulating the feet's nerve system, you will get many benefits, such as the relief of tensions, the reduction of stress and rebalance of the body.
ca. 25 min.  € 35,00  
ca. 50 min.  € 59,00