Nature parks

South Tyrol holds many nature reserves and nature parks. Unique paradises, in which the Dolomite flora and fauna are protected. Just to mention the most known in the surroundings of Alta Badia: The Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park is one of the biggest parks in South Tyrol (25,680 ha) and is composed of forests, fields, alpine meadows, alpine grassland, debris and rocks.

Here you'll find innumerable species of plants and animals like martens, foxes, deer, chamois and ibex. Worth mentioning amongst birds and other species of animals living in the Dolomites are the ermine, the marmot, the alpine hare, the eagle and the common raven.

The Puez-Odle Nature Park extends across an area of 10,196 hectares and is composed of forests, fields, alpine meadows, grassland, debris and rock walls. A truly fascinating landscape, where colors and the reflections of the sun get filtered between fir trees, larch trees and pine trees, the home of foresters like stag and deer. A specialty of the Puez-Odle Nature Park is the presence of butterflies and beetles, which mainly nest on extended alpine meadows. The unusual Dolomite scenery is completed by animals like common raven and alpine chough.